Written April 10th, 2012   

A Cheapster Easter

Easter got off to a bang this year.  I got up super early (3:30 am), drank some coffee, then headed out at 4 am-ish for a 20 mile run.  Yes, I DID run 20 miles.  Yes, on only two cups of coffee (this is a VERY BAD thing to do, don’t YOU ever ever do this! But I’ll probably keep doing it because I am a bad girl who likes to do bad things.  meow.). Full Disclosure: I didn’t run every SINGLE step for the following reasons: 1.  I haven’t mastered the art of drinking water and running at the same time, and 2.  I tripped at mile 13 and fell down.  Then I had to walk a little bit to make sure I was ok (I WAS ok!!), and then I ran seven more miles.  (Ok, ok, here  is the really,  truly hollywood story of why I tripped: My running watch went “beep”, I looked down and saw I had completed 13 miles, so naturally I raised my arms triumphantly in the air and said, “Woo Hoo! Half-Marathon”.  Since my gaze was on the heavens, I didn’t notice the big crack in the pavement, and down I went). I would estimate that I ran 99.94%, and walked .06%, for the above reasons.

That was pretty cheap, ’cause running is just naturally frugal, and also I saved money by not eating breakfast.  It was fun to hear all the roosters crowing when the sun FINALLY came up.

Next, I guess I still needed to burn off some energy so Steve and I headed out to the bowling alley.  We bowl on Sundays, because that is when it’s cheapest.  Actually, the REALLY cheapest bowling alley was closed for Easter so we ended up at the second cheapest, $1.50 per game from 8am-12pm Sunday mornings.  We bowled 10 games each for a total of $32.48.  Not super-cheap, but definitely super-FUN.

Then it was time for the Main Event: Easter Dinner.  Unlike Easter Bowling,  Easter Dinner was super cheap.  On Tuesday I pulled out one of my after-New Year’s-sale-deeply-discounted turkeys from the big freezer, so it would be good and defrosted by Sunday.  This  lovely 13-pounder was purchased on sale for .25/lb, for a grand total of $3.25.  For side dishes we used the veggies from the previous day’s Bountiful Baskets pick-up to make steamed asparagus, green beans ole, broccoli and tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots.  Yummy, cheap, healthy, and most importantly, delicious.

The best part is: LEFTOVERS! Last night I had a yummy turkey, cranberry, and avocado on sourdough sandwich for dinner (with left-over veggie sides), and tonight I will have the same.  I wish I could have this every night forever and ever as long as I LIVE, but probably there are not enough turkeys in the WHOLE WORLD to make this particular dream come true (insert sad frowny face).

Hope your Easter was happy, cheap, and fun!




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  1. Rye @Payment Protection Insurance Claims/Reclaims Says:

    That is one fine Easter for you. My hubby and I walked to the market at 6AM. We don’t get to exercise often and this is one of the few that we can do to exercise together. We stopped for a little breakfast of egg sandwiches and coffee on the way over there. Then we bought fish and avocado. At home we grilled the fish and made the avocado into a smoothie. That night we visited a friend and had a few drinks and guitar-playing session at his house with the rest of the gang. Fun-filled Easter for me too and frugal as well! :)

  2. Tessie Says:

    That does sound like a fun, frugal, and relaxing Easter. I love fish and avocado, except I put the avocado on top of the fish. I never thought to drink it in a smoothy, but that sounds tasty. Avocado just makes everything delicious. I only wish that there wasn’t such a big pit in the middle, leaving less room for optimum delicious avocado.

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