Written May 28th, 2012   

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Yesterday I persuaded my husband to take me to look at this little tiny house. I have had my eye on it for a while.  As little tiny houses go, it is on the big side at 525 square feet.

Wow, 525 square feet is TINY!  And by that I mean REALLY TINY!!!!!  I’m going to go measure my garage, because the tiny house didn’t even look that big.  And seriously, my closet looks to be about 3/4 the size of that house.  I think our first apartment was bigger (it had two bedrooms in any case).

But, my goodness it is OH, so cute.

This particular specimen is one bedroom, one bath.  Of course, I didn’t go inside, I just knew that from online.  It sits in the middle of a little tiny yard.

The pros: high cute quotient, seems to be in relatively good shape, in a nice Old Town area, easy care yard.

The cons: the next door neighbor is a gas station with a Quickie Mart, the price of $44,000, not much room for the dogs, no garage or covered parking (not much parking at all, really).

Now, mind you, my husband would never go for this.  And even I have to admit the cons probably outweigh the pros.  But it really gets you to thinking:

Is it even POSSIBLE to downsize from 4000 sq ft to 525 sq ft?  Would I be a pioneer?

It was a fun daytrip, for sure, plus it’s a start.  Someday!

Update 5/29/12 7:39 am: I went out to my garage and measured it.  It is 420 square feet.  If I count the one car garage (we have one 2 car, and one one car garages at a right angle to each other), my total garage space is 630 square feet.  I guess my cars have it pretty good.  I told my husband, wow, we could practice living in a little tiny house situation right here in our own garages!  He just looked at me like I was crazy, but I am used to this so it didn’t hurt my feelings.  He’s good with the looks, by the way, being the tall silent type.  Anywhoo, it”s nice to know that I can try the Tiny House Lifestyle before I buy, right here in my Big Fat House, seeing as I’m a big advocate of using what you have.






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  1. Barbara Says:

    I love the “idea” of living in one of these. We live in a park model in Arizona in the winters. It is 12′ by 35′. There are only two of us and a cat named RV. We spend a great deal of time outdoors. I think that is what makes it ok.

    I agree that the tiny house is darling but the Quickie Mart next door would be a deal breaker for me.


  2. Tessie Says:

    Yay! A comment!

    I see by my math-wizardly calculations that you winter in 420 square feet. You are walkin’ the walk!

    I agree, Barbara, the Quickie Mart is a deal breaker. I tried to put the most cheerful spin on it I could: “You can WALK to get gas! Two seconds and your lips will be hitting a Slurpee! Ding-dongs are kind of like groceries!” but my husband just would not go for it. Secretly, I was relieved at his stubbornness. I just can’t picture myself living next to a Quickie Mart.

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