Written April 18th, 2012   


Enough said.

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  1. Carlos Says:

    Tessie, you are so inspirational. Dawna shares so many stories about you and your husband and I always love hearing about them. I actually bought Dave Ramsey’s book because Dawna said that you strongly suggested it. I’m step two of seven and I need one more bill to pay off; I feel great. Now, I have to build my endurance in jogging (currently run three mile a day three to four times a week). FYI-I saved your blog as My Favorites and I check it on a weekly basis. Thanks for sharing your stories .

  2. Tessie Says:

    Hi, Carlos!
    I’m always happy to hear from a good friend of Dawna’s. Thanks for liking my blog. Yes, I DO love Dave Ramsey (ask Dawna what I got her for her birthday, ha ha!). Steve and I are on Step Six, and some day we WILL own that place on a lake (with a HUGE sewing room).

    I’m always glad to meet a fellow running enthusiast. You’re about the third one I know personally, now. My most usual run is a daily four-miles, with longer runs here and there. It’s funny how physical- and fiscal- fitness share so many similarities: do it little-by-little, put in some effort, and before you know it you’re running a marathon (or are debt-free!). And like you said – you feel GREAT! The best part is both things are so fun. Yay!

    Take care, Carlos! Say “Hi” to Dawna for me!

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