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Scooter Talk

This weekend I blew the dust off  the Famous Pink Motor Scooter and hit the road.  The poor little thing has been sadly neglected.  But the weather has finally made me want to to get up and go.

Of course, the battery was deader than a doornail.  So my husband put the charger on it.  After a few hours, I tried to start her up.  She wanted to start, but then she kept dying.  After a while, the battery ran out of juice again, and back on the charger she went.

Very frustrating.  But she had been sitting there so long that the gas was “bad”, I think.  So I bought a new gas can and put some fresh gas in it.  I filled Pink up, and she still didn’t want to give me any love. Errrrr!  Now I was mad.  So next thing I know I’m at Vespa of Dallas, checking out all the sweet rides.  I defy anyone, even an EVIL DICTATOR,  to look at these exemplars of awesome vehicular awesomeness and not be utterly charmed.

Vespa is Italian for “wasp”; the founder of the company thought that the original design resembled the aforementioned insect.  Wasps happen to be on my short-list of most loathed creatures (which isn’t really fair, because a wasp is just doing what he or she was born to do, which is to sting my dog and cost me hundreds of dollars at the emergency vet when her face blew up like a balloon) but, really, that is an awesome name.  Also, there is a WWII connection.  Yay.

My visit to Vespa of Dallas transported me to realms of otherworldly delight.  What this means practically is that I talked and talked and TALKED about how much I LOVE Vespas and how I MUST have one and how I am going to save up for one and I WILL have it someday and it will be PINK!

I think all this Vespa talk scared the shizz out of my Pink Motor Scooter.  When I got home I tried starting her up again.  No go.  So I put her up on her stand and used the kick starter.  Yay!  Success!  I thought I’d better git while the gittin’ was good, so I put my helmet on, hopped on my trusty steed, and away we went.

Now let’s talk turkey.  By turkey I mean money (of course!).  A scooter is really a Frugal Delight.  My scooter was very inexpensive, as it happens to be one of those much-maligned Chinese scooters (people are so mean about them!  They say things like, “Yuk! Those Chinese motor scooters are CHEAP!”  Well, duh, that’s the point isn’t it, Pointdexters? Are we all Rockefellers that we can afford Vespas in every color? NO!).

I don’t know exactly how much mine was, because it was a Christmas present, but probably in the $1000.00 range.  Next, gas fill-ups are very cheap.  My scooter requires Premium gas, but even so it only costs $2 to fill it up (also, since I’ve lost so much weight, that will probably give me better mpg).  As for insurance, we’re talkin’ $150 per year.  Cha ching!  Oh, I forgot one thing.  Motor scooters also have to be registered and inspected every year here in Texas.  Registration is $43.50 and the safety inspection is $14.50.

Yesterday I spent most of the morning running my errands on my Pink Motor Scooter.  I went all over town, going to the library, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and the Post office.  Errands are boring, but errands on the Pink Motor Scooter are FUN.  Everywhere I went people were asking me, “Say, is that your pink motor scooter?” (the pink motorcycle helmet was probably the giveaway).  Me and my Pink Motor Scooter, making friends.

Still, I have my heart set on a Vespa.  Someday.  Of course, I would NOT finance it so now I have another fun saving goal (a new Vespa costs about $4500.00).  Actually, Vespa stopped making pink ones in 2010, so I can look forward to paying a little less, because I will obviously have to buy a used one.  In the meantime I will make the most of the Famous Pink Motor Scooter and drive her wheels down to nubs.

And guess what?  The funny thing is I already own a pink Vespa.  I just forgot about it.  Here it is: 

I am sorry to say that Barbie doesn’t take Motor Scootering safety very seriously.  Where are the gloves? the leather jacket? the boots?  She’s scootering in open-toed high-heeled sandals, for Pete’s sake.  Oh, well.  She’s Barbie.






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  1. Patrick Anderson Says:

    Good stuff! Now I’m all caught up on your blog.
    Back in the ’60′s, the general public was kind of freaked out about the Hell’s Angels, and anybody who rode a bike was liable to get hassled by law enforcement. At the same time, Honda was just starting to make inroads into the American consumer market. So, their ad agency that created a campaign that emphasised the inherent cuteness of a Honda. One of their tag lines was “You Meet the Nicest People On A Honda.” So, they managed to start to turn around the image of bikers from big, mean grunts, to nice, clean regular folk.

  2. Tessie Says:

    So far, I have not been hassled by law enforcement. That’s probably because I always make sure to give motorcycle cops a friendly wave as I scoot on by. They just stare at me funny, though.

    Funny you should mention cute little Hondas. I was the only person who took the motorcycle safety course on a DARLING little Honda Metropolitan. It was so cute! It was turquoise with white hibiscus flower decals. It was really super tiny though. It kind of made me feel like a gorilla while I was riding it.

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