Written June 29th, 2012   

Sometimes It’s Smart to NOT Get Your Money’s Worth

Here in Texas produce is sometimes sold by the piece, as in “Oranges: .25 ea.”.   This is not something I recall being common in California, where I remember most things (at least the ones I bought) being sold by the pound.

As a dedicated Cheapskate, my first impulse when coming across this situation would naturally be to buy the BIGGEST oranges I could possibly get.  All other things being equal (and by that I mean yumminess),  I’ll get the most bang for my .25 by buying the biggest orange.

Question: Do I really need to eat an orange that is the size of my head?  Answer: No.  And I will, too, once that puppy is peeled.  If my little heart is set on eating ONE orange, I know for sure I will be just as happy and satisfied with the Pluto-size one as opposed to the Jupiter Monster.  I won’t be pining for the big one; I’ll eat the little one and get on with my day.  (Pluto IS a planet!  It is! It is!)

A few weeks ago, my husband had his birthday.  He loves carrot cake.  I’m not a huge fan, but heck, it’s cake.  I can make one at home for cheap.  I can buy one at the grocery store for ten bucks that would be about 8-10 pieces of delicious, delicious cake.  But in this situation, what is really the smartest thing to do?

I’m so glad you asked.  I didn’t make a yummy (cheap) cake, or even buy the whole “expensive” cake.  Instead, I bought two pieces of already cut-up cake for 2.50 each.  That works out to being a $20 – $25 cake.  Aye carumba!  Especially when I know I can make an entire cake for $5 or less.

And it was good, alright.  But I ate my piece and enjoyed it, and that was it. I didn’t spend the rest of the night thinking about the leftover cake lurking in my kitchen.  ‘Cause it wasn’t there to lurk, and call my name in evil, evil whispers.

We all want to get the most from our precious dollars.  I hear you!  Especially now.  But sometimes there are other considerations.  I for one do NOT want to look like I’ve eaten a whole carrot cake by myself.  To avoid this dismal prospect I’m MORE than happy to pay the outrageously inflated price of the cut-up cake.

Which leads me to this thought: If you want to be small, try thinking small!  Am I right?!! Am I right???!!  Don’t watch your pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves. Heh heh.

Eeeek!  Okay, watch your pennies, but if a “bargain”  has the potential to supersize your rear-end, it’s likely not such a great deal.  Take if from me, a gal who knows.













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